Abracadabra 1.3 (not supported)


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With this program you can view, edit and save almost any file. The program opens many types of text and graphic files. The program is easy and convenient to use with its new way of navigating through files and directories. It allows you to move through your system, or across your network, with a few simple clicks of your mouse. This same mouse action can also be used to view graphics.

The newest and most interesting feature of this version is the hyperimage file (HIM). It is a textual file associated with an image. The file contains the references to programs and documents. By one click you can directly move from the current picture to another picture, document or start any program. You can create hotzones, text links or icons on your picture. You can construct long chains of the references through files on your computer. You can create tens analogues yours today's Desktop...

Abracadabra is a tool for creativity, a very clear and simple tool. Try it!

Abracadabra has the following features:

  • unique interface;

  • quick navigation in both files and catalogues (one left/right mouse click performs all necessary functions);

  • the files box is always present "under a hand";

  • view and edit text-files ( including files larger than 64kb);

  • view and edit RTF files;

  • view and edit HTML files;

  • convert text from Windows to DOS- format and vice versa;

  • convenient viewing of graphic files in the following formats: BMP, JPG, WMF, PCX, TGA, DIB, RLE, ICO;

  • save any image in BMP or JPG format;

  • graphical effects (Flip, Invert, RGB-conversions)

  • zoom in/out and movement of images on screen (all this is done with the mouse, without using rulers and buttons);

  • set any image as tiled or centered desktop wallpaper;

  • set any image as logoscreen for Abracadabra;

  • copy image in clipboard;

  • slideshow;

  • support of standard file operations: copy, move, rename, delete, open document in associated program;

  • launch any EXE, COM, LNK, PIF files by one click;

  • local files navigation;

  • full customization of Abracadabra's window;

  • Shortcuts to Desktop, Start Menu and Control Panel folders.

  • Desktop functions and hyperimage files.


System requirements:

Windows9x/ME or Windows NT/2000/XP, 486DX or better processor,  8Mb RAM or higher and videocard with HighColor or TrueColor mode.



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