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Submit your ideas and wishes about Talisman themes here. We will place your wishes on this page after review. Detailed descriptions are welcomed! 

Note: please look for the theme in our theme library before requesting! Many popular themes already exist! 



-why not a Monica Bellucci theme!!!!!!
Please, a Matrix star like she, the theme is very important..
-i would like a theme of the football team of real madrid,good ideia no?? many people will downloaded it
-hello team\'s Talisman, i suggest that you do a movie\'s theme : \"O Brother\" Because, its a fantastic film... Thx
-i want the gensomaden saiyuki main theme and the end theme named \"alone\"
-christian theme..i am a chistian and i love christian music thank you

It would be greatfull to see more HTPC-Themes.
As more and more HTPC-applications are comming around, i think that Talisman has big chances to win the battle of HTPC-Frontends.

I want a theme : i\'d like to see some themes for dual, or other multi-monitor setups.
-sean welchs@teov.org

I would like to humbly request a battletech theme. I would like to see something cool with the Murauder and the Mad Cat, possibly from the cockpit view of one of the mechanical beasts. thank you.

I also would like a Resident Evil Theme with music and Zombie sounds from the Gamecube release. Oh, and some dialogue and gunshot sounds wouldn\'t be bad either.

I would like to find an animated \"Buffy the Vampire Slayer\" theme with ALL the main characters from the 3rd season, before Riley came into the picture, with Faith, Spike and when Angel was still there. If anyone has a good one of these themes, please let me know. Please Email me at Yodeyoo@hotmail.com

-I would like a Tom Clancy\'s Raven Shield Related theme.
-an inu-yasha theme with all the charachers on it. backround color silver. and just do what you can to go with inu-yasha
-In honour of 2pac Shakur, i╢d like to have an Tupac theme. Did you Know that 2pac ist the most searched Rap Star in the Internet.
- Hi,could you please make more Neon Genesis themes.

I develop softwares for farmers.
So I would like to have a theme about farms. Cows, dairy, farmers, etc.

I want a theme : Hi all you great theme creators!I work in a cyber cafe and i want to have a theme that would display all the game that i have while hiding all the intenet programs and vice versa. including disabled menu to protect my PC.

Hi, i\'m looking for a voodoo doll theme , somethign with a couple of dolls somethign EVIL , :) just somethign that looks wicked with voodoo dolls if anyoen can help me out x3h@hotmail.com

how about a theme involving Vampires and Werewolves huh? Ones like the one in Underworld

I would like a theme with a peugot 206 tuned on the background.
the menu\'s and stuff I leave to you to deside how you make them. Just one thing could you make the \"start\" button the brandmark of peugot. thank you

Something unique and Cyberpunk oriented

hey. what about a theme with The Matrix Revolutions. somebody please create one. Or one with lamborghini. both of them with good wallpapers and good icons

hey,I would loke to add the XP theme but if i click on my favourite theme on your web site .it shows error.Please help me to have XP classic And Win98 clasic themes collection.
I will be thankful to you.

Hey, nice work, I really want a resident evil theme that you can FEEL the creepyness ya know?  Along with a good set of icons (ex: umbrella, biohazzard ect...) that mesh and fit really well, but aren\'t too noticable, thanks! (arobinson2154@yahoo.com)

Hey!I found only one theme with motorbike(v-rod).Can you make more?Exemple with Cagiva Super City (supermoto)?Thanks!

I am searching for a theme about Star Trek, but not as you have.
I am searching for one about the latest series of Star Trek.
It wold be very nice fi I could get one from you!
But I want no actors or the ship only the console wich you can see at the terminals in the ship.
contact me or send it to me: Archangel5@gmx.de 

I really like the simplicity & pure lines of Suns Solaris OS
That would be nice to see in a theme!

Could anyone please make a theme that makes use of those red-blue glasses that you get to see 3-D images with

Can you do a theme of Pirotessa from Lodoss War?    I have some really awesome pics from the series/posters of her.

i am trying to find a theme of kitties/cats for xp-- icons; tool bars; mouse pointer; skins.  But all i can find is for 95/98/ME/2000-- could you do a kitty theme?

i have been searching and searching and i cant find a snoopy desktop themes HELP!!!!!!

I want a Plugin for some Themes to have a Sound Visulation in the Desktop. Please tell me where i can get it. THANKS! Xaero@Arcor.de

a theme that makes me feel that i am in a tropical rain forest. i hop you are getting the picture.
send it to me at sriramhonda@rediffmail.com plz.

Hi guys I am a very much fan of ARnold Schwarznegger, So I wish 2 have a theme on T3 and many others like commando...etc..etc.. and too only emphasising his potrait and not the other actress in that film(ONLY ARNOLD)....Please can any 1 do this!?!?!??!

Have you ever look the computer interface of some tv movies of tecnology! A dasktop theme simply but complicated!!!! Excuse me for the incorrect lenguage but I\'m italian!!!
To contact me: jonnyy1@tin.it

i want a theme full of nature  i mean full of trees and gren and flowers and ....some thing that makes us feel that we are in deep forest do u have that?

I want a theme with \"tennis game\",for example:\"wimbledon\" or \"us open\" or others. thanks

I want a theme where I see a witch. The witch should have red hair.

i would apreciat it if you would add some really cool paintball themes to the site.W/ like paintball icons, and stuff

It would be nice to make theme with some guitars on it or guitarist like Jimmy Hendrix ,Stevie ray Vaughan or Eric Clapton .Maybe call it Blues Talkin or something like that.╗Dindt seen any of that here.Music themes please,please !!!!!!!!!

I am NEO.You know? I like my desktop decoration.Now, I have a many themes about talisman program.I want a themes,Icons, Taskbars, Startmenu,Wallpapers all about engineering,art and cartoon.  Contact: shokoon_2222@yahoo.com Thank You Very Much.

I want a theme all about Final Fantasy... Im sure many of \'em download it too, \'cauze i was really good! please make \'em also transparent!... more power TALISMAN

I want a theme all about subaru, with crazy buttons everywhere.  with pictures of the old subaru... not the brand new one... or the 2002 one... the one that is 99-01.  make the head lights open AOL or something crazy like that

Themes I would like to see,
Theme of the Reqium comic from a heavy metal mag
A Fallout type theme , a mix of high tek and mad max sort of thing
a gothic type theme  graveyard n bones and blood type, and something darker
and last but not least an H.R. Gieger theme

Something dark....evil....creative and abstract...with lots of black and red....with touches of goth...etc....you get the picture i hope...something dark DARK!!!! Just nothing too cliche with that whole skulls thing...no anarchy signs...and NO MANSON!!!! No nu metal(slipknot, paparoach..all that stuff) what so EVER!...Thank you so much!!!! I hope this skin will be awesome...but...i have not seen a bad skin yet...you skinners are damn good at this...i give props to you all...also...can you make it as interactive as  possible?...hope i didn\'t ask for too much...thanks again.

Obviously you seem busy so if you get the chance i would like to see a theme of nothing but DragonBall GT or Gran Prix Motorcycles

Yo,if possible I would like Desktops...(Icons, Taskbars, Startmenu,Wallpapers,themes) of all \"MARVEL\'s comics Superheroes\" and all sorts of them \"Japanese-Anime cartoons\" such as (eg;- Rave, Dragonball_Z/GT, Samurai X, Vandread.....etc) as I am an obssessed fan of those cartoons that I\'ve just mention.............PLEASE!!!]

If you could put together a polished theme with Wallace and Grommit, I think it would be brilliant.  Please try to include some of their cracking contraptions.  Thanks much and props to all the contributing animators.

Hey all...Still waiting to see a theme with flash in it. I mean, HEY!, talisman imports flash, but no theme yet??? WHAT THE?!!!

a completely 3 dimensional desktop whick will make me feel that the desktop is not plain and static. it should be life like with depth in the graphics. i hope you get the picture

A long time ago, maybe about 2 years or so, I downloaded a theme for the talisman version 1 which was based on American McGee\'s Alice video game.  I thought it was a really suberbly crafted and eye-catching theme.  But now I can\'t seem to find it anywhere.  I\'m running Talisman version 2.6 now, and I\'d really like to have that theme back, if someone still has it.  Let me know... Michael_SM@yahoo.com

a theme from the game Enter the Matrix - Hacking
and an OS from Japan Anime & RPG Game - Hack.// (ALT SYSTEMS) - That\'s just great. (c)

Hi i would like a theme with david beckham for my wife.. It has to be 1024x768 minimum though; she is a mad manc fan and becks is her fave player. Anyone know of one?

sup ya, i am dieing for bonethugs n harmony theme it has to be 800x600. hope some one makes it

i want a theme that is dark and scary, like a black and red menu with icons that are black and red. it would be really cool

i had one on winblinds...it was called retro....all green on black text and stuff...(like matrix)but the exact way the old pcs looked...and now with the matrix rave green on black is more pop than ever...id love one...but not smart enough to make it...so come on guys!!...lets retro!...ps...1024*768 is best i think.... ;)

I aqm looking for a theme that will run at 800x600 that has a look and feel like the Home Entertainment pc skin but for the car. The one that you have only works for 1024x768
I need max to be 800x600. I have created a car pc and I am using a 5.6\" TFT LCD pannel.
Any ideas, help?

Admin's comment: you should contact us by http://www.lighttek.com/submit.htm (include your contact email address). We are interested to speak about your car pc .

i want a theme of transformers generation 1. can someone make it for me please..

A gothic-solitude-rainmood theme - dark colours (not grey, not bulky, but not all the screen dark), more of a noble view. Black, White and blue or red (but not abundant), maybe with some Silver. With the use of transparency, kind of the elements are sitting in the corners and fade, closer to the center (winamp contorls top right, quick launch - bottom left, tray icons - bottom right, start menu - top left). There are bottom and top taskbars. Bottom - with time in the middle and multiple desktop management on the left and vertical volume control on the right (control of winamp volume, perhaps). top taskbar with my computer, IE, MSWord etc...
The middle is some black and white art picture with a devision in the middle (not a black-and-white, but drawn with this two colors, contrasted to each other)...
The overall impression not to look cartoonish, or medieval, or cyberpunk, more of a stylish, practical and smooth look...
I might get to do it myself, but too much work on hands at the moment... Can provide some graphics if you like the idea...
Verloren {Engel}

I have a dream, i have dream news theme i have a dream them
\"Eight\" Is inspired about Opera for \"O\".
The \"O\" is designed the double OS interface theme .
The \"O\" For Os And Is double the 8.
The red is designed for theme for 8.........

Second Dream is an interface theme by Linux but
is not real is inspired from Mandrake 9.1 and Red hat 9.0
The name of Theme is \"two Linux\" and it\'s have Two Pingus Heat
or it\'s insperd by another linux lycoris \"Flowers\" or Cygwin,
or A theme \"Linux Lotus flower\" and each petal is function to open a program....

hello, ok so i\'am french and i saw the last year the stargate sg-1 theme for talisman.
Can you send me it because i can\'t see it in the themes page !

can someone make some nice matrix reloaded themes...add those special frames which they have in the website ..www.thematrix.com ... those features are realli cool

Make something that looks really hightech, with a background that is moving and with boxes and stuff coming up when you click on smt to open it.

It would be nice if there were some themes of \"The Vision of Escaflowne\" or \"Diablo\".Other cool themes i would like to see are:Darth Vader, \"Golden Boy\",Quake3,Tekken 4
-or about Excalibur and Camelot,
-a Dragon theme based on Dungeons&Dragons

I want to see a theme showcasing ALL of talismans abities. I\'m talking about Full animation, Winamp-WMP-POwerDVD Control, flash animations, Html Browser, Multi-Forms(Several different \'looks\' to the same theme)...And I think if someone can do it(I mean REALLY do something awesome) that Lighttek should give them a prize/gift...Some merchandise maybe...What do you think MR LIGHTTEK???

FlashMX integrated theme. I read the theme \'wish\' for \"Adult Learning\" and KNOW that flashMX can handle all of these requests. What I want to know is whether talisman 2.6 can send/recieve variables from php/xml? If so, a \"team\" could create an awsome inter-school(education) desktop, that is totally realtime(ie: chat, test results in realtime - from server database,etc) Just an idea.

HEY! I just worked out how to make FLASH MENUS for talisman. As soon as I have made the theme, I will post.(flash control over \"ALL\" talisman scripts!!!)

would it be possible to have a ferrari theme I have the yellow Ferrari theme but would like the theme to be a red Ferrari as it would look nice on my desk top and go with my ferrari web site Happy hunting folks much and much appreaceated

What I *really* want right now is a LCARS based car-computer (carputer) theme.  In fact I want one so bad I am gonna dedicate my life to making one! (well at least the next few months!).  Ideally with winamp and powerdvd integration as well as the ability to run a startup flash movie or similar (for a nice little startup sequence).  I can picture it all, just need the technical capability to pull it off!

Is there a theme for a tablet pc. I\'m running my Acer C100 with OS Windows XP Tablet PC Edition en have landscape and portrait mode to view my desktop. The themes i found on this site don\'t change if i change my desktop from landscape to portrait and back.


Admin's comment: you can use any "Any res." theme. You need only to add the button with "Reload" command or create a hotkey with such command. Every time when you change landscape/ portrait you should press this button to refresh the theme. Another way - check the "Automatic Control of screen resolution" option in Properties>Program Settings.

FlashMX integrated theme. I read the theme \'wish\' for \"Adult Learning\" and KNOW that flashMX can handle all of these requests. What I want to know is whether talisman 2.6 can send/recieve variables from php/xml? If so, a \"team\" could create an awsome inter-school(education) desktop, that is totally realtime(ie: chat, test results in realtime - from server database,etc) Just an idea.

- I'd like to see a David Beckham theme. Or a Manchester United Theme. 
- Pink Floyd Live In Concert with icons would be super! 
- I would really like to see a James Bond, Mission Impossible, or general spy theme. Something very sleek and dark. 
- Since the greatest rock and roll on earth is currently on tour and that they also celebrate 40 years of rock and roll. I would like to have a Rolling Stones theme. Can anyone please help me?
- I like to see a Theme with Will Smith or Allen Iverson! Or from the Philadelphia 76ers! Please!!!!
- i want a theme about MICHAEL JORDAN or ALLEN IVERSON !
- I like to see a Theme with T.A.T.U. or something that has alot to do with trance sounds, pitures, and icons
-I think there should be more JapaneseAnimation themes like \"Sailormoon\" and \"DragonBall Z\"
- Me gustaria un Theme con motivo la consola Nintendo GameCube, uno en morado y otro en Platinium ;)
- the legend of zelda the wind waker
- I think there should be more JapaneseAnimation themes like \"Sailormoon\" and \"DragonBall Z\"
-"Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction\" or \"Magic the gathering\"

An Alien theme, a cool navigation.. beautifull colors, icons in iCandy style very cool. I know at least 20 people who would like such theme, cause were all alien freak, not the roswell stuff but just the cool things like alienware

There is a game called Lunar. I would like to get some feed back on this. I am seriously interested, and cannot find them. It is a 2 game series, and the art is fabulous...

Dragonball Z desktop theme!!!!  There\'s *tons* of material to make it *spiffy* -- animated battle sequences, sounds, pics, etc. free, all over the web!

than can be used for Media Center functions. A simple interface that could use the ATI All In Wonder remote control on to browse PVR, TV and Audio functions easily with.

I'd  like to see a theme that mirrored the new windows xp media center systems.

hi everyone
I would like an artistic theme with a beautiful naked girl.
It has to look really good, the functions of the theme has to fit into the background in some way
i hope someone will take this challenge soon.

From The *~Grim | ReapeR~*

I want a theme of default Photoshop 7.0 (for Windows XP) Icons
Mac Version of Photoshop 7 I found a lot, but I want a themeof WinXP Icons of Photoshop 7.

I really want a theme about Christina Aguilera with the new image of a dirrty girl. One lover of Christina from Costa Rica.
Jonathan Diaz. - jdiazgo@hotmail.com

I want a theme like Windows Longhorn. I find a design of Longhorn very cool. djon_mayer@hotmail.com

Hello everyone!!
I want my computer to be a mirror of me, something like that. I would like
to have a BLACK DESKTOP. That's right, I want it black in the message and
content, but I want it practic to. There must be a genius or a filosofer
capable to conciliate darkness and practice! Please, think about this. I'm
sure I'm not the only one who wants something like that...
Thanks by now...
        please contact to dus_turn@hotmail.com
        Portugal forever!

http://www.mysunrise.ch/users/mec.sommer/downloads/Talisman-Theme%20HTPC%20silber.zip - this is Great! i`d like theme for HTPC, but at 800x600.....can you help me to find really great theme? 
HTPC 3.2 - is not colourful...too dark for me. It's Very Important. Thank you.
ps Russian forum about HTPC: http://forum.ixbt.com/0012/027576.html

Instrument panel BMW, or other machine. It would be COOL!


here's a theme I would would like to see :
A modern school room .
scratch that an Ultra Modern School Room. 

one with a timer for tests 
a bitmap with window inside where my flash cards can show through.
a media style play list that auto browses through lessons ive already covered in my homework handed in tray ,just to keep me refreshed.
an approachable non-scarry cyborg teacher (like charlie browns teacher)with a window to a real teacher somewhere on its person .a skinnable /reatractable pulldown screen that Accesses a subject library and folder system that that joins my text lessons as a play list,and that can launch mp3 lectures and mpeg examples .
a way of placing my things to memorize on the chaulk board or my homework retrived from an emai sent from the web . a shortcut that has a thumbnail view of my documents.
all the while id like to see some translucent links of real time events placed around the top of the room like a wallpaper border that slightly flashes as new data is detected.And could somebody please put caller id on there somehow so i dont have to get up or be distracted by the other students who are making it hard for others to learn! give me a hidden tool bar that opens when my mouse goes over it that i can brouse to select .
and if that isnt too much can i also have the standard 5 pupils that can make up a study peer group.that has its own chat .

the recess and lunch stuff optional though OK great!
turn this before christmas cause you dont want to have to work on it during christmas break

When i walk away from it i want to feel like i just got out of school. but BUT 
i want to be able to exe from my desktop my text aloud mp3 to burn to my cdrw so when i do get up i can listen to the text file once ive put on my earphones or a lecture i just heard over the web

Hi guys, I want (or I need) a theme. Iím looking for Dogs icons (XP Style) but I could not find anything.  Thanks in advance.

I have found a lot of wonderfull Talisman-themes on this site and even some
professionally made!.. So far there are so many good designers that from
time to time make beautiful themes for Talisman, may be some one could make
such a theme, based on manga "Ghost in the Shell 2 - Manmaschine interface"?
That would be a real masterpiece and especially beloved one in
anime-cyberpunk world!...

Great Program guys! My Theme of choice would be of Trading the Markets... money, quote tickers, money, Wall Street, Chicago, Nasdaq...

Great program, I've seen a few people asking for a Neon Genisis Talisman theme, I think it owuld be really cool to have one with the Evas, and some of the other characters on there. If anyone else has any ideas, then lets have them!! Thanks 

I was wondering if you were going to create an Evangelion file? If so I know many of my university friends who would be interested. Many thanks for your time, 

I think a really cool theme would be a "Sin City" theme based upon the black-and white works of Frank Miller, also notorious for the dark knight returns (among others). Thanks!

hi, i wan a theme with Jill valentine,the one in resident evil~ 
i wan to havea big background pic of her,with icons and templates with the theme...and i wish to have 3 pics with icons in order to change wallpapaers easily...

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