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Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 1000kb
, 1024x768,  Filesize 1000kb

Author: Bob Starck-Higgins   E-mail

Description: 1024 x 768. This is a Fullscreen theme featuring 12 continually rotating astral scenes via an html applet.if you know what your doing,you can add a infinite number of custom menus.Also has volume and amp controls




Download, 1024x768 and higher res., Filesize 1040kb
Download, 1024x768 and higher res., Filesize 1040kb

Author : gymenii   Homepage  Email

Description: Raven for Talisman 2.6. A dark and mysterious theme for any resolution 1024 and higher. Desktop icons are included in zip file.



Download ,1024 x 768 and higher,  Filesize 1400kb    

Author: Roger Dufleit    E-mail

Description:  Talisman 2.6 1024 x 768 and higher.
Using the arrows under the screen, you can navigate through the 10 different images included.
To add your own, unzip, copy or move the file to the "cars" subdirectory of the "Showroom" theme.

To choose one image in particular, use the small square at left under the screen.

As configured, the program will change the picture every time it starts. If you do not wish this option, see readme.txt


m-m-moon (German interface)

   Download , 1280x1024, Filesize 1200kb   
   Download , 1280x1024, Filesize 1200kb   

   Author: moinmoin  Homepage  E-mail  

Description: It's my first theme for Talisman.
The Theme works only whith 1280x1024.



Lamborghini Murcielago Concept Car

  Download , 1920x1200, Filesize 1200kb   
  Download , 1920x1200, Filesize 1200kb   

   Author: Silencer  Homepage  E-mail  

Description: It's the first theme resulting from our Talisman Tutorial Desktop Styling Contest @ http://www.desk-modder.de

Run Talisman as Applicantion, use XP-Style nxProfessional. Links for Wallpaper, Yz Dock Icons and XP Iconset PixOffice included.



Chx DOS 9

Download , Any res.,  Filesize 38kb    

Author: ChameleonX   E-mail  Homepage

Description: Any screen resolution. Let`s dream... There`s no Windows OS in the world ! Dos feature ? Yeah ! This theme has Norton Commander (or Far software) like interface. It has Tray and Task list.This theme don`t use many RAM & CP resources. Very fast redrawing and U can use Drag & Drop mode ! Fun :-)


Monsters Inc

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 830kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: Another one for the kiddies. Fun! 1024x768 theme created in Talisman 2.6. Based on my all time favorite animated movie. Has sounds, winamp control, themebrowser, closable menus, and five outstanding wallpapers. Just change the wallpaper by clicking on the numbers. Have fun and enjoy.




Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 490kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: 1024x768 desktop theme created in Talisman 2.6.
Themebrowser, winamp 2 remote, volume control,
and more. Hope you enjoy.




Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 270kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: First theme in the Johlee series. 1024x768 created in Talisman 2.6.
Hope you enjoy. 



Kahli 2

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 230kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: Kahli has landed! Second theme in the Kahli series.
Much better than the first (I think). Themebrowser,
winamp 2 remote and more. Hope you enjoy.    




Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 330kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: Have fun aboard Kahli's spaceship. 1024x768 theme created in
Talisman 2.6. Winamp2 controls built in to taskbar. Themebrowser
and more. Enjoy




Download, 1024x768, Filesize 810kb

Author : Moab   Homepage  Email

Description: 6Pence for Talisman 1024x768 to work. Min/Max button on taskbar opens evrything to get to where u might want to go and closes everything by clicling on the smallest box. all art took a couple hours and is original,has web browser full screen not shown here,included but not shown here r winamp navbar,7 windows,sysmon,plugs uptime,sndvol,ldrive,ect Enjoy 6Pence......by Godscent



Download , Any res.,  Filesize 180kb    

Author: ChameleonX   E-mail  Homepage

Description: Any Screen Resolution. Based on Windows XP template. I use Apple Quick Time graffic Elements.Wallpaper downloaded from www.adreoni.com
Theme has calendar and there`re lMenu plugin so U can see start menu \"On top\" like in Windows XP !


Kid's Own

Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 1000kb    
Download , 800x600,  Filesize 1000kb    

Author: Roger Dufleit    E-mail

Description:  Talisman 2.6 and higher. For the younger generation... Included: 7 backgrounds and blank desktop0 button
Many more backgrounds on sites mentionned in .txt file.
Click arrows on Screen Button to change background

N.B. Comments, suggestions, from kids or parents will be greatly appreciated.



   Download , 1920x1200, Filesize 1200kb   

   Author: Silencer  Homepage  E-mail  

Description: www.desk-modder.de proudly presents: Exilim v1 This is my first theme, hope you like it.
Icons , WP and links included. Use it for widescreen notebooks like the DELL Latitude D800 oder the Inspiron 8500/8600s. Current resolution: 1920x1200



Masked Goddess

Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 150kb    

Author: Jonathon Roe    E-mail  Homepage

Description: My 2nd theme. I\'m a n00b, so keep that in mind. I\'ve had this program for 2 weeks, and that\'s all.I\'m something of a minimalist when it comes to functionality. Less clutter means less to deal with when moving art around and programming, etc. I actually use Talisman in conjunction w/ Samurize... Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy it! Use it, distribute it, edit it, I don\'t care. Just give a little credit (and maybe a link to my page and email), that\'s all I ask!
Oh, btw, this is edited from the original default theme of Talisman. Creds to them! Creds for the Posertop go 2 Runtime DNA, and to Awful Soul for the mask/loincloth


Royal Green

Download , any resolution,  Filesize 700kb    

Author: Jelicic Aleksandar   E-mail  

Description:  I need a very long period of time to make these.4 amazing wallpapers,new interesting desing,cool font,quick volume adjusment...




   Download , 1024x768., Filesize 330kb   

   Author: Valera   E-mail  

Description: REY theme for Talisman 2.6 Screen resolution: 1024x768 only Wallpaper downloaded from www.hebus.com - Fill the panels, Drag & Drop yours icons to panel - Winamp buttons with two command (left/right) - Two modes of "Desktop" panel - Find two hidden buttons on REI


Final Fantasy X  v.1.3

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 930kb

Author: The Shroo   E-mail

Description: updated and improved thanks to feedback. i would apreciate more.I hope it is beter and that you like it.
(sorry the all the pics arnt here i had to shrink the zip and deleted them)




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