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Longhorn Alternative

Download standard , 1024x768,  Filesize 1220kb    
Download special edition , 1024x768,  Filesize 1270kb    

Author: ChameleonX   E-mail  Homepage

Description: In this build is used Win XP default icon.This theme is for Talisman 2.6 or later. It`s theme for any screen resolutions.(tested for 1024*768.It can work in shell and other Talisman modes because it includes clock, tray and taskbar.

special edition: Longhorn alternative In this build is used Win XP default iconsThis theme is for Talisman 2.6 or later. It`s theme for any screen resolutions.(tested for 1024*768).It can work in shell and other Talisman modes because it includes clock, tray and taskbar.This edition has Autohide mode. Itís great experience with Talisman (it have autohide mode only for forms but not for panels so I made some scripts and additional buttons Ė it work but with little pause (because Talisman redrawing screen ). If you donít like this feature you can download 100x-101x builds without this feature .



Download update , 1024x768,  Filesize 920kb    
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 1600kb    

Author: ChameleonX   E-mail  Homepage

Description: for Talisman 2.6 or higher
Any screen resolution theme (tested for 1024*768 under Win XP). Can works as shell or as program .(Because it contains tray, clock and task menu). Theme includes 8 skins.
Theme has protected and admin mode and also has Desktop slideshow feature. Panel can snap to the top and bottom of screen. click picture to resize U can download additional skins for this theme . (see Skins section of my site.)


Neon Fairy

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 140kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: 1024x768 theme created in Talisman 2.6.
Winamp2 controls, volume control, theme
browser. Icons included.



Very Quick Apple

Download, Any res.,  Filesize 2100kb


Author: miloszwl   Homepage    

Description: Hi! My name is Miloszwl. I'm new to Talisman II so please comment my work. This theme is based on Uktus's Aqua theme. I've used also MM icons and wallpaper from MacDesktops. Thanks a lot for Your hard work! See You soon!



Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 1900kb


Author: Bob Starck-Higgins   E-mail    Other themes by this author

Description: For Talisman 2.5 @ 1024x768. You will need Macromedia Flash plugin installed for this theme,please see readme.txt. Get Dirty...


Fallout 2

Download, 800x600,  Filesize 720kb

Author:  atmazonna   Homepage        

Description: Theme for fan Fallout 2 800x600
This is my first skin :))


   Space Platform

   Download ,  Any resolution, Filesize 661kb   
   Download ,  Any resolution, Filesize 661kb   

   Author: Uktus   E-mail  Homepage




Windows on the world

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 950kb
, 1024x768, Filesize 950kb
, 1024x768, Filesize 950kb

Author: Bob Starck-Higgins   E-mail        Other themes by this author

Description: Adding to the XP mania.This features configurable menus,a world map giving Capital,time zone and currency info.Also Winamp consul. 1024x768



    Download ,  Any resolution, Filesize 752kb

   Author: Vadim Mordan





   Download ,  1024x768, Filesize 639kb

   Author: Lighttek Software   Homepage




The Gallery

Download , 1280x1024,  Filesize 400kb    
Download , 1280x1024,  Filesize 400kb    

Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 500kb    
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 500kb    


Author: Roger Dufleit    E-mail

Description:  The 15 tiles included give you the possibility of different colors for the background. The picture (default seen here) can be replaced by your own choice, with or without Webshots. Personnaly, I created a new collection in Webshots where I keep all the art (or favorites pictures) downloaded from the Web and let the program do the replacement work according to my settings. (Pictures up to 800x600). If you use the beta version (2.3 beta 2), you can add transparency to the forms. Open to suggestions, critics... and even appreciation..



Download, 1280x1024, Filesize 279kb   
, 1280x1024, Filesize 279kb   

Author:  nightmonger  Homepage 

Description: This skin was created for Talisman 2.2 and higher (should work for 2.0 and above but not tested) at 1280*1024 res. Included: Required font (install in your system), icons pack (overwrite in your
Talisman directory) and sound files.
Wallpaper is provided courtesy of Wilhelm Steiner ( ddr@subnet.at )
Check for more outstanding works at his site ! ( http://misery.subnet.at/ )

Pamela in Blue 

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 600kb      

Author:  beama Homepage  E-mail

Description: Very useable theme with some nice pictures of Pam.




Download, Any resolution, Filesize 200kb   
Download, Any resolution, Filesize 200kb   

  Author : Dangeruss      E-mail   Homepage




Silk XP

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1060kb   
Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1060kb     

Author:  White Dragon  Homepage 

Description: Another one for the XP craze! resolution 1024 X 768 bg made on PSP7 & PS11 Any & all comments welcome!



Morph XP

   Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 2000kb

   Author: corkweed    Homepage




Road (Windows.NET Longhorn)

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 400kb   
, Any resolution, Filesize 400kb   
Download, Any resolution, Filesize 400kb   

Author:  Arkadiy Istomin   

Description: Emulation of Windows.NET (Longhorn) OS




   Download,  1024x768, Filesize 400kb
   Download,  1024x768, Filesize 400kb

   Author: Bimmer  Homepage 





Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1115kb

Author:  waynesstud  Homepage  

Description: the wallpaper is by whody i really like this theme it took me a while



Bridge (Windows.NET Longhorn)

   Download, Any resolution, Filesize 500kb   
   Download, Any resolution, Filesize 500kb 
   Download, Any resolution, Filesize 500kb 

    Author:  Arkadiy Istomin   



Choices XP 3

 Download , 1024x768,  1500kb 
  Download , 1024x768,  1500kb 
 Download , 1024x768, 1500kb

Author: corkweed  Homepage

Description: Theme based on XP look. New green coloured theme. I didnt want to try to make this look 100% like the real XP, I've just changed a few things to suit my use and that are at least a little original and nice looking. Hopefully some Talisman users find it useful and/or fun. -Higher quality Bliss wallpaper (screenshot is low/compressed); -Run command inside start menu; -Animated and optional Winamp controls; -Task bar as a menu list; -System tray; -Most buttons have commands for left and right mouse click



   Download,  1024x768, Filesize 1200kb
   Download ,  1024x768, Filesize 1200kb

   Author: Bimmer  Homepage 


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