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Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 790kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: 1024x768 theme created in Talisman 2.6. Themebrowser, lvolume plugin, winamp controls, closable menus, pleasant sounds. The screenshot really doesn't do the theme justice. Smooth transitions. Try this one. It's worth the download. Hope you enjoy.



Whizzard Tower

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 710kb

Author:  ben-amin  Email   Homepage        

Description: For Talisman 2.6 1024 x 768 with web browser (owl).
You can configure right bookcase (in TOE - desktop0.button_19-26).



Smoked Glass

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1700kb   

Author:  Compo  Homepage 

Description: has a few nice animations at the biginning. This one shouldn't have the system tray problem. Also watch as the SG in the right hand corner fades in and out as you put it over most of the buttons.


Anna K 2

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 892kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: few changes to Anna K original. 1024 format. enjoy!


Blue L

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 123kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: 1024 format. Animated office form. You can place your own picture and programs within.


Harry Potter

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1700kb

Author: Bob Starck-Higgins   E-mail        Other themes by this author

Description: Well,a slight diversion for me,but my son being as HP fanatic wanted me to make him a theme for his PC and I thought others might be interested.
There are lots of bits including animated cursors,font,sounds and 8 different wallpapers for you Muggles.Oh!and by the way,touching hidden spots around the desktop will herald the arrival of creepy crawlers and Hedwig.



Download, 1024x768, Filesize 300kb
Download, 1024x768, Filesize 300kb

Author:  Kevx  Homepage 

Description: Controller theme by Kevx
This theme has everything, theme browser, web browser, text editor, popup menu's, sound, qcd3 buttons,
lvolume plugin, lvdmd plugin, ldrive plugin, input url.
This is a shell mode theme.
Hooge font has been used and is included.



Silver Cube

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 220kb
Download, 1024x768, Filesize 220kb

Author:  shadowhand  Homepage  E-mail

Description: first theme for talisman. install the font from SilverCube\misc\ for the theme to work correctly.
works with 1024x768, not tested with any other resolutions, but i think it should work. let me know...



Broken Sain

Download, 800x600,  Filesize 2000kb
Download, 800x600,  Filesize 2000kb
Download, 800x600,  Filesize 2000kb


Author:  realdeadone   Homepage        

Description: Broken saints for talisman 2.5
Has sounds/forms/menus
1st attempt at adding flash-flash intro by brooke burgess- permission/link in txt
1st attempt at dedicated web browser....
Wallpaper by david knott-permission/link in txt
Theme browser included...
Winamp and qcd player included with seperate play menus, the four main buttons of play/pause/previous and next will operate both players, also volume controlled.....feddback please..


Choices 1024

Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 1700kb
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 1700kb
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 1700kb


Author: Roger Dufleit    E-mail  Homepage

Description: Virtual Desktop Manager.
No image, Webshots or your own.
15 tiles to change background when smaller image is shown. Change the background color.

If used with WEBSHOTS, small modification.See readme.txt



Download, Any res. from 1024x768, Filesize 800kb   
, Any res. from 1024x768, Filesize 800kb   


Author : Arkadiy Istomin  

Description: Simple theme with sidebar. Used icons by FOOOD and Icons.tk


Windows CE

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 334kb   

Author: 0223Design  Homepage  E-mail



Magna Carta Flat

Download ,any res, Filesize 730kb
Download ,any res, Filesize 730kb


Author: ombray    Homepage

Description: Here is my first crack at making a Talisman II theme, based on Magna Carta. BG in zip file. Has a start menu, quick launch menu, shortcuts to windows explorer, my docs, and recycle bin. Winamp controls and lvolume (volume control) Also has a run box (see readme.txt) systray (in shell mode) and clock. Can be run in app. mode or shell mode. *Updated version of this theme* I have now made this theme resolution independent and have tested it from 800x600 to 1280x1024, only tested on Talisman 2.3 Comments welcome.



   Download, 1024x768, Filesize 720kb   

   Author: Dalex   Homepage

   Alteros Aqua

   Download, Any resolution, Filesize 180kb   
   Download, Any resolution, Filesize 180kb
   Download, Any resolution, Filesize 180kb

   Author: Arkadiy Istomin  Homepage  

Description: Theme based on Alteros3D "Aqua" skin. Wallpaper from:  http://www.macdesktops.com


Under Trick

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 340kb   

Author:  John Hinds   E-mail

Description:  UnderTrick for Talisman II An adaptation of my most popular theme Thork.


Download, 800x600, Filesize 399kb      

Author:  Avatar Kalki  Homepage  

Description: This is my first theme for Talisman 2.0.
800x600. Just add Your commands to AUMs around the flower. 
P.S. Become the God here: http://www.bookoflife.narod.ru/become.html


  Flower Box

   Download , 1280x1024,  Filesize 594kb 
   Download , 1280x1024,  Filesize 594kb 

   Author: Roger Dufleit    E-mail

Description: For wallpaper:
- Two included (the one you see and the same picture modified in PSP Pro)
- Or webshots - or your own... or none



Download, Any resolution, Filesize 60kb   
Download, Any resolution, Filesize 60kb   
Download, Any resolution, Filesize 60kb  

  Author : Dangeruss      E-mail   Homepage


Download, 1024x768, Filesize 708kb

Author: Bob Starck-Higgins   E-mail        Other themes by this author



Ten Below

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 350kb

Author: Bob Starck-Higgins   E-mail        Other themes by this author

Description: Any res,but works best at 1024 and above.Windowblind skin available soon


Virtual Display

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 310kb   
Download, 1024x768, Filesize 310kb   

Author:  White Dragon  Homepage 

Description: Theme Designed for My Virtual Display02 WP.



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