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God Bless America

Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 340kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: 1024x768 theme created in Talisman 2.6.
Themebrowser, winamp2 controls, volume
control. Hope you enjoy.




Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 270kb

Author:  namvet53   Homepage        

Description: 1024x768 theme created in Talisman 2.6.
themebrowser, volume control, amp controls.
closeble menus. Hope you enjoy.



FallOut2 (with Pipboy 2000)

   Download , any res., Filesize 630kb   

   Author: Hort   Homepage  

Description: Yes. Another theme for Falluot 2 fans.
Include Pipboy 2000 :) Enjoy.

Admin notes: This theme requires a lot of editing to use it with normal speed. At first: check up "Caching" option for all forms. Second: remove "refreshall" command from Autostart script of desktop0 object. Third: change script of Closebutton in Pipboy2000 form, write there: closeform2 form10&closeform2 form11&closeform2 form12&closeform2 form13&closeform.



Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 920kb    

Author: ChameleonX   E-mail  

Description: For Talisman Desktop 2.6 and higher For Any screen resolution There`re 4 wallpaper in this theme. U can download additional wallpapers from my site : http://www.chx.narod.ru/ please click link wallpapers Audi wallpaper was downloaded from www.audi.com I used some graffic from official Audi press and use some screenshots. This is second version.


Olive Wallpaper Changer Panel (desktop panel)

Download, panel mode, Filesize 96kb

Author : Maskiler   Homepage 

Description: this is an olive version of the talisman walpaper changer. For Talisman 2.6+



Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 150kb

Author:  atmazonna   Homepage        

Description: Simple layout, no animations or plugins. New to creating themes, tell me what you think. Fully customizable, add or change what you want. 
Wallpaper by animewallpapers.com


Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1000kb   
Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1000kb   

Author:  Kevx  Homepage 

Description: Theme has a web browser,lots of menus,winamp buttons and themes browser and also has sound.



Download, 1024x768,  Filesize 480kb

Author: Bob Starck-Higgins   E-mail        Other themes by this author

Description: For Talisman 2.2 1024x768. All ready to customize.Screenshot is lOW quality jpg to conserve file size.


Golden Talisman

Download, Any resolution, Filesize 500kb   
Download, Any resolution, Filesize 500kb

Author:  Lighttek Software Homepage


Download, 1024x768, Filesize 830kb

Author:  FireWeasel  Homepage 

Description: A tribute to the greatest game ever.
Needed fonts are in the fonts subfolder in theme.
Had some problems with the clock in the top left.(my first theme) reload and its fine. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know and I'll update it.



BeOS Protostar

Download, Any res., Filesize 620kb
Download, Any res., Filesize 620kb

Author:  Mierda Voladora  Homepage 

Description: Here comes the second version of the BeOS theme There are no differences between this theme and the BeOS shell, even the menus are in the same order. works in all resolutions and has the original sounds. Feel the experience of working with the Be operative system. Fully functional theme for talisman 2.5+.



Wall Crazy!

Download, 1280x1024 and higher, Filesize 260kb   

Author:  Bob Corrigan  Homepage  Email



Serenity in Blue v 2

Download , 1024x768, Filesize 1900kb

  Author: weazelone    Homepage   E-mail

Description: Added run box, desktop toggle, theme browser, matched the drive meter and desktop manager to the theme, changed the menu button, cleaned it up a lot in general. 4 different wallpapers are included all made by me.Custom icons were downloaded from various sites (Thanks to those who made them)



Download , 1280x1024,  Filesize 1800kb 

Author: Roger Dufleit    E-mail

Description: Talisman 2 1280 x 1024 For those who love a nice picture on their desktop. Either Webshots (no intervention needed if set to be your wallpaper in Windows), or your own, or 6 photos from NASA (Public domain.)


Chaotic Space

Download, 1024x768, Filesize 370kb   
, 1024x768, Filesize 370kb

Author:  White Dragon  Homepage 

Description: Theme based on my wallpaper. Full Devpack coming soon...


Christmas 2001

Download , 1280x1024,  Filesize 2580kb

Author: Roger Dufleit    E-mail

Description: Talisman 2 1280x1024 As illustrated in the View File, many possibilities. The default Christmas desktop can be replaced by a new wallpaper (40 possibilities with included tiles). You can add a picture (Webshots or your own) or keep the desktop clear (no picture). Most of the tiles come from : Eos Development at http://www.eosdev.com. Many more to choose at the site


XP Classic 9x

Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 520kb
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 520kb

Author: thecat2000    Homepage

Description: This theme is designed to feel like your Windows Desktop, but with new XP features such as the Wider Start Menu found in Windows XP. In Fact it is adapted from the Windows Classic theme from the new OS. The Start Menu is customisable so you can add your own program icons and shortcuts.


Windows OS 2001

Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 500kb
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 500kb
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 500kb

Author: thecat2000    Homepage

Description: Adapted from a Theme created a while ago for a different Theme Program. I imported and updated this theme from my Hoverdesk version but have added newer features and icons into the theme.
The Start Menu is 100 % customisable for your own Folders and Links for Program Short Cuts too


WindSoft OS

Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 364kb
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 364kb
Download , 1024x768,  Filesize 364kb

Author: thecat2000    Homepage

Description: Adapted from Jay-z 2k's WindSoft Os Suite. Check Jay-z 2k's Accompanyed Window Blinds Skin too for use in conjunction with this theme


Ancient Zodiac

Download, 800x600, Filesize 700kb      

Author:  White Dragon  Homepage 

Description: my first talisman theme.clean & simple. wallpaper by andersericson, the rest is all mine. more to come if this is well recieved



Download , Any resolution, Filesize 340kb
Download , Any resolution, Filesize 340kb

Author: Uktus   E-mail  Homepage

Description: Enhanced version of XP theme from T2.1 distributive. Now all 3 xp styles (Blue, Metallic, Olive) included in the theme.


Sleek Z

Download , 1024x768, Filesize 660kb

Author: Compo   Homepage

Description: This the Compo(Author of Green) this time the theme is all original(it's not a rip of anything) I think its looks better than green! I left you plenty of room to add quicklaunch links =) I am not sure if it is all resolution or not, but i know i designed it on 1024 X 768 



Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1040kb   
Download, 1024x768, Filesize 1040kb   

Author:  White Dragon  Homepage 

Description: Theme dedicated to my favorite Space Art GOD Mr. Kim Poor.



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